Break through the genetic barrier!

Not getting the results you had hoped? What if I said unlocking the secrets of your superior athletic ability are locked inside you right now? We stopped believing that genetics was the only answer years ago! Now its your turn!

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No, it isn't what you think. PED's is the acronym for: "Performance Enhancing Drills," not drugs, but you cant believe the impact that these drills will have on your strength and more importantly your sport. Why are these different? These drills are created to accomplish specific goals, designed for specific body types, utilizing unconventional equipment that will likely shock you!



Performance Enhancing Resistance training is crucial, but you must consider that fast twitch and slow twitch muscles fire differently! The last thing you should do is in an effort to increase strength, you decrease speed. Speed is the genesis of power and our resistance training should not reduce speed! Countless athletes are using resistance training INCORRECTLY! Any reduction of speed reduces power and strength. Wasn't power and strength the reason we were doing resistance training in the first place?



Performance Enhancing Nutrition is not just supplements, its eating the proper type of foods, the proper amount of food and at the proper time! When you eat, is just as important as, what you eat. Even more important than that, your metabolic rate and your body type must be considered when creating a nutrition plan. Reading about a diet that works for others and trying to install it in your routine is like putting on your sisters blouse because after all it's a shirt! Not sure that is going to workout for you!



Don Monistere is available for speaking engagements to the public and is always willing to donate his time if the engagement involves Elementary or High School aged Children. Obesity is an epidemic and it starts with our children. Please feel free to email or contact us to get pricing on any speaking engagement. Areas that may be of interest would include: Sport Specific Training, Nutrition and Corporate or Work related performance